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Help Page For Comanche


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This part of our web page is still under construction, so you you will not be able to access the SECRETS for being the MASTERS OF COMANCHE

SO?? You want to be the best at Comanche?? ...Well then you don't want me training you here are some menuevers that can Save you LIFE!

1. The slide. The slide is a very easy manuever you will Need either at twist stick or rudder petals for tis to be effective!! The trick here is too keep your speed over 150 or 160 when sliding. You must be purpendicular to the stinger to dodge it.(Note: Sliding dosn't work very well with Hellfires so you need to know what they are going to fire or what they have fired and is coming straight at you!.)
How to slide: Obviously it is very simple as I pointed out above all that you need to do is push your stick left or right and twist or push in the opposite direction.

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